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Marriage counselling creates a comfortable and non-threatening environment for couples to discuss their relationship and their feeling. Marriage counselling is not a competition but a place where married couples can find clarity and methods for effective communication.

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“Expectation is the root of all misery”

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“If she just started doing ……………. then all would be good”! “I should be further along than this” “Why doesn’t he listen, really listen?” Hearing a theme here? All expectations of yourself or of your partner creates disappointment, heart break and in time erodes relationships.  Having realistic expectations helps you accept the flaws of others and creates less pain in you.  We need to take responsibility for our own life’s before we can expect others to do the same. We all have expectations in our lives of what we want and who we want to become.  That is great on some level, … Read More

Why did I have an affair?

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It’s so very common I’m sorry to say and by the time couples are seeing me the cat is out of the bag and the relationship is in crises. It’s extremely sad to experience the pain individuals go thru. It’s never going to stop, there will always be people who have affairs. Why you ask? Little Emotional Connection: The common reason I see is the lack of emotional connection. When you marry and start your life together your deeply in love and focused on each other. Your partner is a priority and then other areas of your life start to take your … Read More

Resolve Marriage Issues Early

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Working with couples for 10 years now I often see a theme that occurs in relationships. The relationship is no longer a priority, as important as it use to be.  If this continues long term it can be damaging to the quality of the relationship and the longevity. Focusing on some very practical easy skills can create enormous change in your relationships if you do not leave it too late to try.  Prepare/enrich is a terrific resource to begin making some changes. DAILY DIALOGUE AND DAILY COMPLIMENTS Daily Dialogue is an intentional effort to talk about your relationship, rather than discussing your … Read More

15 Ways to Connect with your partner

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Are you and your partner arguing, bickering and very defensive of each other? When did you last look into your partners eyes? Do you have resentment or feel numb towards your partner? If you answer yes to any of the questions then I suggest you read the list.  It's not going away the disharmony in your relationship. If anything, it will keep happening again and again and more often and more intently. Making your relationship a priority can help enormously and its really doesn't take too much to get your relationship back on track if you catch it in time.  Putting in … Read More

The Road to Divorce Recovery

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People say that divorce is one of the most painful experiences that a person can go thru. It’s not only your marriage that you’re losing but also yourself. The death of a marriage is not just a moment in time, but a process that is filled with many different feelings. Grief is not linear! In other words, you cannot just pass through the stages of shock, denial, anger, and acceptance in a well-defined order. Divorce, like grief, is chaotic and circular, with the stages changing daily or moment-to-moment. It is normal for the initial stage and the first emotion to be one … Read More

Are you filled with resentment and hurt?

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So, your relationship is over and your feeling pain like you have never experienced before?  Your mind is like a monkey mind, never turning off and what about the waves of emotion that come in and you feel like your drowning at sea? Am I on the right track as to what’s happening for you?.  Perhaps you’re over the shattering stage, denial and shock stage and you’re so angry and holding on tightly to the resentment because if you let it go they have won? Do you want to be free of all this turmoil, pain, anguish?  If you do read on … Read More

Is your relationship in great shape? Is yours 7 out of 7

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1.Ultimately it all comes down to each of you looking forward to being with your partner at the end of the day. This means you spend quality time together and you genuinely enjoy each other’s company. The extension of this is that you enjoy your intimate times together also. 2. Trust in your relationship is number one. To trust each other totally, are faithful and dependable. To know that a good relationship just doesn’t happen it takes commitment and open and honest communication with each other. 3. You also have mutual goals and dreams together as well as individual goals and aspirations. … Read More

How to have a Happy Marriage

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If couples were honest with themselves and with each other the quality of the relationship would increase hugely.  Sometimes, it’s not so much the lack of communication that leads to the breakdown (for after all, aren’t men less talkative and less spontaneous than women?), but the pattern of negative thinking that each spouse continually nurtures. I’ve been working with couples for a number of years now and this is the common theme “Most people do not control their thoughts (self-talk), but they allow their thoughts to control them…for instance, if a man speaks negatively to himself about his wife and he permits … Read More

Do you like to Control?

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Do you have everything under control in your life?  Course you do, it’s all perfect?  This isn’t always the case but we try hard to feel this.  We like to feel in control because it creates a sense of certainty or knowing that things are going to plan or are in line with our expectations. But are you actually in control and what do you have control over?  You may be surprised. Did you know the only one you can control is yourself, your circle of control? Or put differently, staying in your business.  You can control your behaviour, your attitude, your … Read More