What kind of problems do you treat?

/What kind of problems do you treat?

What kind of problems do you treat?

First of all, I don’t see ‘problems’ I see people and I don’t offer ‘treatment’ or ‘cures’. Counselling requires a considerable commitment from you as well as from me. It is often hard work and, as with many things in life, the best outcomes result from the biggest efforts. It is not an ‘instant quick fix!’ The ranges of problems which people come to talk about are as varied as the people themselves. Some people don’t know what the problem is – they may simply be unhappy – whilst others want to talk about a specific difficult situation. Clients sometimes come to talk about a particular problem, only to discover that it’s something else which is the real trouble.

Relationships, loss and change are all common themes, as are anxiety, depression and stress. I will listen to you without judgment regardless of what it is you wish to discuss.

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Helen Harrison from Power of Change Counselling & Coaching is a professional and accredited counsellor. She does Individual and Marriage Counselling. Specialises in self-esteem, relationships, stress and anxiety. She is a facilitator of Workshops, Author and Mediator. Her aim is to provide safe, supportive and confidential counselling in a peaceful setting allowing you to explore who you have been, who you are and who you may want to be. Her private practice is in Thornlands in Redlands City. Ph 0439 889 969 Email helen@powerofchange.com.au www.powerofchange.com.au