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Written Testimonials

I met Helen over 10 years ago before I had moved all over Australia and New Zealand I had a session with her and remembered allot in that session the first time, Helen always stuck in my mind over the years. When I came back to QLD  I had a few struggles in my life and needed a kick start and get back on board with life, I felt lost and not knowing who I was.

Helen introduced me to hypnosis.  Helen explained the process I was excited to get into and into the core of what I was holding on to and what was blocking me.

Through the journey over the 3 session it was amazing every session was different and questions were answered that needed to be answered, now life is very different and I’m a happy, positive, driven and know who I am.

I would recommend Helen to anyone, Helen is amazing person and has a real gift to connect with people and help them.

Alana, Cleveland

After attending a few sessions with Helen our marriage was ‘repaired’.  At first, it seems too big to sort out but once the lines of communication were open between my husband and I we were able to repair our relationship/marriage.  It’s now as great as it was in the beginning.  

We are looking forward to spending the years together.

Gab, Thornlands

Our 20 year + marriage was rocky. We didn’t understand why it was rocky, how it became rocky or how to repair it. We turned to Helen for advice. After having a few one on one, and combined counselling sessions with Helen, we discovered why our marriage was rocky. We had forgotten to communicate with each other, forgotten to ask what our partner thought, what our partner wanted.

Wow, its amazing how much easier it is to resolve issues when you communicate openly with your partner. Thanks Helen for the reintroducing us the basic art of communication.

– Tony, Cleveland

I visited Helen when I needed help in improving my thinking and self-love. I was struggling to make the right choices for myself and needed to learn that I was as important as the dog and husband!

After a few sessions Helen had me on the right track, positive and excited again about my future. I am so glad I saw Helen, I’m sure I’ll be back for a tune up now and again but she has made such a difference to my thinking.

I whole heartedly recommend Helen; she is a caring and effective counsellor.

– Karen Farely, Wellington Point

We saw Helen because our marriage was boring, we didn’t do much together and we had drifted apart. She got us talking again and looking at each other. Slowly we softened with each other and with some tools, guidance, patience we uncovered our patterns and are communicating so well thank you Helen!

Recommended to anyone like us to go see Helen.

– Peter and Sophie, Ormiston

The main reason I sought Helen Harrison’s help was the fact that she was a counsellor as well as a life coach and was highly recommended. I needed to learn skills that would take me forward.
I found Helen to be approachable, intuitive, very helpful and practical. She helped me work through one issue at a time and at a pace and with programs and skills that suited me personally.
Helen taught me practical ways to deal with uncomfortable and intimidating situations I was currently facing as well as dealing with past issues.

I am a different person with a renewed fervour for life. My self-esteem has sky rocketed and I have dealt with several challenging issues in my current life with a confidence that I never before possessed.

I can’t thank Helen enough for everything she has done with me and for me!

– Jody, Birkdale

After so long of trying I feel that you opened my heart Helen, you allowed me to feel, love and respect my body for the first time. Though me and my body are still building our relationship the baby growing inside me feels happy & safe, where as before when I lost my first, it did not feel safe & I wasn’t confident enough to be strong enough.

Helen there’s just so much I owe to you & so much gratitude I have for you. If I didn’t find you I wouldn’t know where I’d be today. I’m still working on me, meditating daily and changing how I see myself and seeing myself as those around me do!

Searne, Alexandra Hills

I’d like to thank you so much for your work with my son. Your caring efforts and wonderful program has made an enormous difference to his life. It is wonderful to get a phone call from him saying that he’s feeling a lot happier and so positive for the future. 

– J. Feild, Victoria Point

Our sessions have helped, and now I feel at a place, after just living it a bit, to continue forward.

– Gavan, Sheldon

I came to see Helen to address issues with negative thoughts, anxiety and low self esteem after dealing with breast cancer, death and divorce over a short period of time.  Thanks to Helen’s insight, guidance and expert counselling I was literally transformed over a very short period of time.  After I finished my last session I felt physically taller, calmer and more confident than I had ever been that I could deal with whatever life had to dish up.  The basis of Helen’s technique is to provide insights into why we are the way we are and through this understanding to bring healing and peace.  I would strongly recommend Helen for her professionalism, expertise and, importantly compassion.   You must be open and ready!

Bronwyn Hope, Highgate Hill