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Online or face to face counselling, coaching and psychotherapy, Power of Change offers professional, solution focused and results driven therapy. You are seen by a fully qualified, trained and experienced counsellor with more than 11 years practical experience.

Working with individuals, parents, adults and couples.

Are you experiencing:

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Relationship or marriage problems

  • Grief

  • Serious or continual stress

  • Self-esteem or confidence issues

  • Transitional challenges

  • The need to recover from a serious trauma

You don’t have to do it alone! Working through these problems can be difficult and quite often we don’t know where to start, or who to turn to. Power of Change Counselling is here to help.  Work with a professional who is solution focused and uses counselling, coaching and neuro trance psychotherapy to get the results you are looking for.

We use traditional counselling, online and face to face, and when you really want to get quick but effective results we can safely and effectively use Neuro Trance Psychotherapy. We work at a pace which suits you, and in a way you are comfortable with.

Power of Change Redlands Counselling and Coaching based in Thornlands has been working online with individuals and couples for many years with great success. Online sessions are helpful for people who are time poor, have a young family, suffer with anxiety, live remotely, or simply when remaining in the comfort of your own home is more convenient and flexible.


My name is Helen Harrison and I have been in private practice in Redlands City, Brisbane since 2008.

I believe in working as a partnership with my clients to empower them and also to help them develop new awarenesses based on their inner strengths and wisdom…

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Helen Harrison, Redlands Counselling & Coaching professional






You have the Power to Change Your Life

and the quality of it – simply pick up the phone and make a booking on 0439 889 969 TODAY!

Picking up the phone is often the hardest step, but it’s the first step to improving the quality of your life, your happiness and saying goodbye to those challenges you are experiencing.  All sessions are confidential.

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone – we’re here to help!

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

Redlands Counselling provider Helen Harrison, author of Full Steam Ahead

You have the Power to Change!

Reservoirs of untapped potential within you?

It’s time to Hop on Board Full Esteem Ahead and choose to be the driver in your life, not the fears that block you. This book will offer you a unique powerful, easy to read tool book that enables you to find solutions so that you can get beyond what is holding you back. Do you compare yourself to others, doubt your abilities and have negative thinking? Have you lost your confidence? This negative perception of yourself is commonly known as low self-esteem.

Boarding the carriages of the Full Esteem Ahead train will enable you to find your insight, knowledge and inspiration to come out of isolation equipping you with self-belief and self-trust

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