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Reservoirs of untapped potential within you?

Hop on board Full Esteem Ahead and choose to be the driver in your life, not the fears that block you. This book will offer you a unique powerful, easy to read tool book that enables you to find solutions so that you can get beyond what is holding you back.  Do you compare yourself to others, doubt your abilities and have negative thinking and have you lost your confidence? This negative perception of yourself is commonly known as low self-esteem.

Boarding the carriages of the Full Esteem Ahead train will enable you to find your insight, knowledge and inspiration to come out of isolation equipping you with self-belief and self-trust

Travelling on the Full Esteem Ahead train results in a knowing that you are special, worthy and lovable ensuring a fulfilling life filled with love, fun, creativity, adventure, friendship and the wonderful riches that life has to offer you.

Full Esteem Ahead is a journey, a process. You will learn :

  • How to forgive yourself and others
  • How to understand and change your thinking
  • How to believe and trust in your-self
  • How to explore your values and purpose
  • How to create action steps to move forward
  • and so much more…
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What people are saying about Full Esteem Ahead?

There is nothing more powerful than learning from someone who has experienced her own journey coupled with a strong theoretical knowledge. Dawn Macintyre (Spinks)BH (Hons) Education & Psychology: MPH PhD (Candidate) Author: Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

In the time I’ve known her I’ve come to admire Helen so much. She’s a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable counsellor who has acknowledged her own personal grief and triumphed through adversity. Helen knows that healthy self-esteem is the answer to most of our issues in life. Read her skills building book and become familiar with the metaphor she uses (the train) to re-raise your self-esteem. Millie Simic (AThR)Clinical Hypnotherapist: Masters of Mental Health-Art Therapy What I like about

Helen’s book Full Esteem Ahead is that it asks questions. Through questions the dormant mind can awaken and see new possibilities. Take action and work diligently because you are worth it. Zoe Slater CEO: Freedom Choice Academy Author: Kids or No Kids

In all of the years that I have known Helen she has always brought passion and focus to everything she does. She has certainly done this with her book. This book will give you a plan to help to overcome the challenges that you are facing in your life. Steve Gardiner Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

Helens book ‘Full Esteem Ahead’ has been written in a way that is easy to comprehend. It’s been written with purpose and passion and a useful tool for every household. Diane Rooker Pearl Counselling & Parenting,  Diploma in Holistic Counselling

Helen has been volunteering her time at the Redlands Centre for Women for over 2 years, running a program called ‘Live your best life’. We have seen over 80 women be inspired to ‘Live their best life’ and develop their self-esteem. Helens selflessness, warmth, genuine care for women and openness to share her journey with others is to be commended. This book will most certainly give you the skills to change your thinking and move through life ‘Full Esteem Ahead’. Katrina Beutel Founder Redlands Centre for Women Inc.

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