1. Attend a regular activity as a couple.
  2. Have a night out or date night alone on a regular basis.
  3. Have a night away together whenever you can.
  4. Change predictable routines, especially those concerning your sex life and social activities.
  5. Do something you enjoyed doing years ago.
  6. Go somewhere you used to go years ago.
  7. Have a good laugh over something.
  8. Dance.
  9. Develop some common short and long-term goals together.
  10. Prioritise your marriage by making it a focus in your life, giving it your energy and attention in the same way you do with your work or children.
  11. Take ownership of the fact that you are emotionally connected and attached to your partner. What are all the things you use to love about your partner? What do you currently love? Has the list got shorter?
  12. Eliminate the negative thoughts that you have about your partner. Retrain your brain and focus on the positive. Shine the light on the good, what is positive and what you appreciate.
  13. Anger and frustration push people away. Look into yourself on a deeper level to understand why you’re angry. Sharing your vulnerable side with your partner creates a connection.
  14. When you physically connect with your partner regularly you connect with your ‘feel good’ hormones. Over time physical touch gets lost and partners get out of the habit of being physically connected. A great starting point to reviving the physical side of your relationship is a really nice goodbye and reunion. Take time to hug. Hold hands in public. Cuddle on the couch. Stop what you’re doing and bring the physical in again. Communicate with your partner that you want to start touching more and that you feel you don’t do it enough. If you are concerned that your partner will think touching brings on the green light to love making, talk about how you feel.
  15. Have fun, laugh, play and make humour part of everyday. To start, plan fun activities.
  16. Reclaim the romance in your relationship. Are you business partners or a romantic couple?

These are amongst many simple things that you can do to build your relationship and they can make the world of difference. Concentrate on one at a time add others gradually.