There is a deep yearning inside me to have a lasting and meaningful relationship with someone, but it scares me, because if you let yourself get too close, you can’t trust that you won’t be abandoned again.  That fear of rejection….. The way I take care of this is to reject the other person first.  They never have a chance!

-An Adoptee, from the Primal Wound, Nancy Newton Verrier

The pain of adoption is something that can lie dormant most of one’s life.  If it erupts in childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood and is dismissed as neurotic behavior or normal rebellion, it can subside into numbness.  But it can stir malignantly in some adoptees all their lives, making them detached, floating, unable to love or to trust….(Adoption)has got to be understood


One of the most common fears is that of being abandoned.  Abandonment is a dominant theme in child myths


I understand the unique challenges that face adult adoptees as they resolve their past and create a meaningful life