Is that what you are doing, working to survive?  How about making a new story for yourself.  Change your thinking and you will change your life.

Hello and welcome to Power of Change monthly newsletter.  Everyone has a purpose to be on this planet and if you choose to follow the joy in your heart  you will find your purpose.  Its trusting that voice inside of you.  The yearning for something more, something that fills you with joy.  When you start taking notice of what gives you joy and start taking action you will become energized.  It takes on a life of its own.  Like a flower slowly opening to eventually be out in full bloom. Ever since I was a little girl I have drawn big sunflowers.  As my purpose began to gather momentum I saw myself as a sunflower bud and then over time a sunflower. All out for the world to see.  It was gradual but I trusted my own intuition that I was on the right path.  It gave me joy, it energized me, that is when you know.

Its about recognizing your greatness and having the desire for something, to fill that part that’s missing inside of you.  Small steps to begin with.  Putting the bar really high and saying you want to be like Oprah is not realistic.  I know, been there done that.  As  a life coach and counselor I see and feel the greatness in my clients and I believe in them until they believe in themselves.  I hold the space with no judgment and offer support and encouragement.

Start dreaming and nourishing the dream.  Let it unfold and let your imagination go with it.  If your working you can do something on the side.  Start off small, little action steps to grow and nourish the dream.

As your purpose starts to take shape negative thoughts may come in, or known as sabotage beliefs.  Like “what if I fail” or “I’m not clever enough” “I can’t do this”. Changing your thinking is vital.  Concentrating on your success, looking at your strengths and focusing your mind there.  Share with people who will support your dream and encourage you, pick carefully as there are dream busters around and they will discourage you.  Its so important in the early stages to nurture your dream and look after it so it can blossom and grow.  I feel its vital to have purpose because when you do you develop the “whole being”


Grab your sisters, friends, mothers and workmates, and come along to participate in an exciting opportunity to hear about the plans for the Redlands Centre for Women and help shape what services you would like to see offered.

Come and meet the dedicated team of women helping to create this centre, devoted entirely to helping women in the Redlands.

What do you see are the issues facing Women in the Redlands?

How can the Women’s Centre play a role in overcoming these issues?
Power of  Change Counselling & Coaching  supports the Women’s Centre
RSVP: 1st September 2011 to Katrina Beutel M 0413 295 799,


Please forward this on to anyone you may know who may be interested in professional counselling or life coaching.

I work with adults and couples at a tranquil peaceful setting in Thornlands and offer day and evening appointments.

For help with

· Relationships

· Grief and Loss

· Stress and anxiety

· Anger & Resentment

· Depression and unhappiness

· Purpose and changes in direction

· Self esteem and feelings of inadequacy

· Your Life Story, Life Events and Life Style.