Is this you?


  • I am optimistic
  • I deserve the best that life has to offer
  • I trust my intuition
  • It’s ok to make mistakes
  • My world is a beautiful place
  • I can say “no” when I want to
  • I express my feelings easily
  • I am good at making decisions
  • I believe in myself
  • I like myself
  • I am deserving of love

If you do not feel like the above then a healthy dose of self-esteem would support you enormously, it’s the back bone to life and contentment.  “Be your Best” is exactly as it sounds. Not being your mother’s best, or fathers or partners best.  We so often look outside ourselves to see what is best for ourselves.  You will not find your answers out there; you will find them within yourself.  I run the “Live Your Best Life” in partnership with the Redlands Centre for Women and this begins to show you how.  It’s in a group environment and runs for 5 weeks.  We have just commenced the tenth group with very positive feedback from the participants.

“Be your Best” is a one on one 4 week program taking self-esteem to another whole level. The Self Esteem Program can identify deeply held, often unconscious, beliefs or attitudes that can impact on your self-esteem, which is extremely beneficial. Be your Best will help you to make sense of long-standing patterns of thinking and behaviour, increase your understanding, and confront destructive patterns, working towards an increased self-esteem.

Raising your own self-esteem means that you will learn to be your own best friend, good internal parent or guardian angel. You will learn how to fill your own esteem and not have to rely on others to do it for you.

Your self-esteem contributes to

  • your vitality
  • energy level
  • persistence
  • personal magnetism
  • a belief in yourself and your abilities
  • acceptance of self and others

“Be your Best” is for anyone who wants exactly that, to be there best.