Have you struggled with questions about your adoption? Your birth parents? Feeling abandoned.

I have asked these questions of myself many times throughout my life.

Counselling both individuals and families can be life changing to talk through issues around adoption. If you would like to speak to a counsellor who understands the unique issues facing adoptees, call Helen on 0439 889 969 and set up an appointment to visit her Redlands, counselling rooms.

Why I am writing “Return to Myself”

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"Return to Myself"                I left myself at birth when my birth mother left me.  I returned to myself forty years later This book I am writing for anyone affected by abandonment and is trying to find wholeness and there place in the world. Will be completed by August 2012 I am writing this book to give adoptees hope. Hope that you will uncover your authentic self and find meaning and purpose for your life. You’re not alone in your quest for wholeness. I hope this book gives you some encouragement and support and you see a little bit of you in it. I am writing this book … Read More

Why am I here, what is my purpose?

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As an adoptee I have asked this question of myself many thousands of times over the years. My birth parents didn’t want me so why am I here. It’s taken four decades for me to answer that question. Who wanted me? I so wanted me! This is AH HA sort of stuff which has really turned my life around and has helped me value my life more and to live my best life. My life is so precious and I’m not wasting a second of it. Once I started listening to my heart and to my own insight my life starting changing. … Read More

Say YES to yourself

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As a counsellor and life coach it is so common to have people and particularly women who care for others before themselves. When they come and see me they can be burnt out, resentful, irritated or even angry. Stress can be building up. Is this you? Perhaps you loose your temper easily and do you get ill easily? By the time people come and see me they know something has to change but they don’t know how. It’s getting back to basis. Asking yourself these questions? • Do you feel the need to please? • Do you ever feel that if you … Read More

Do you honour yourself first?

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Do you honour and cherish yourself?  Is your life working at the moment? I believe that to honour oneself is absolutely paramount, because it is only through being your best that you can give your best.  It's about loving yourself.  Balance in life  is extremely important and the key to my sense of balance is knowing that I need, deserve and should strive for love physical well being financial abundance emotional and spiritual balance an understanding of my life's mission and purpose realization of my potential and the opportunity to inspire others to work towards theirs continual growth through learning I recognize … Read More

Adoption Questions

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There is a deep yearning inside me to have a lasting and meaningful relationship with someone, but it scares me, because if you let yourself get too close, you can’t trust that you won’t be abandoned again.  That fear of rejection….. The way I take care of this is to reject the other person first.  They never have a chance! -An Adoptee, from the Primal Wound, Nancy Newton Verrier The pain of adoption is something that can lie dormant most of one’s life.  If it erupts in childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood and is dismissed as neurotic behavior or normal rebellion, it … Read More

7 Life Long Core Issues of Adoption – DID YOU KNOW?

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Adoption triggers 7 life long core issues for all triad members, regardless of the circumstances of the adoption.  Throughout your lifetime these issues will come up in your daily life. Loss Grief Rejection Guilt and Shame Identity Intimacy Mastery/Control Loss: Can manifest itself in sadness and depression, a feeling of incompleteness. A loss called the “Primal Wound” A wound which is physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. A loss, a wound which causes pain so profound. Grief: This can wash over you during your life particularly at times of subsequent loss or developmental transitions. Rejection: Sensitive to the slightest hint of rejection so … Read More