Frequently Asked Questions about Counselling at Power Of Change, Redlands, Brisbane, Queensland

Is Anxiety destroying your marriage?

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Anxiety in the suburbs is rampant and I see firsthand how it is affecting the marriages of Australia. It's putting strain and stress on marriages and not creating room for pleasure and desire.  Is anxiety destroying your marriage? Understanding it and healing it will make for a much happier empowered marriage. Do I have anxiety? 2 Questions to ask yourself Is my reaction over the top for what’s presenting? Are you finding it difficult to do things that you use to find easy? E.g. Groceries, riding in an elevator or being in a crowd. If you answered yes to either of these … Read More

When do you say I do

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When do you say I do? Marriage can be one of the biggest decisions of your life and should not be rushed.  Sometimes I sit with couples and wonder why they got married in the first place.  They committed to someone who was displaying behaviour that worried them, upset them however they got married anyway. Commitment is a mindset.  Your behaviour should reflect this mindset. I believe it’s crucial for couples to have premarital counselling so it can help couples make an informed decision about their commitment to one another and commitment comes before anything else. How do you know if you’re … Read More

Personal cost of an unhappy marriage

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How could your life have changed so radically? What is the personal cost of an unhappy marriage? It wasn’t that long ago you were enjoying dreams of happily ever after. And somehow now, after such a beautiful time to together, you’re wondering about simply surviving an unhappy marriage. When you are surviving there is no pleasure or joy so and not a lot of physical intimacy. Somewhere between then and now you’ve lost the shared dreams along with the ones that were just yours. The love that once kept both of you bathed in feel-good hormones that made everything OK and helped … Read More

How to overcome being needy

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How to overcome being needy is a common theme in my counselling sessions.  Why are we needy and what does it look like? You may be always running to your partner for help? Perhaps you are constantly texting, messaging even if they are at work? Needing affection and attention from your partner? Need to be with your partner, what are they doing? If a text or call doesn’t come in, you worry and you think something is wrong. When you are needy it’s very unattractive and your partner will begin to pull away and in turn, can ruin your relationship/marriage.  When your … Read More

What can I expect from my first counselling session?

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The purpose of your first counselling session is for Power of Change Counselling & Coaching to assess your current situation, for you to explore and communicate your desired counselling outcomes (to identify your goals), to address any concerns or queries you may have with the process and for Power of Change Counselling & Coaching to get to know you and for you to get to know Power of Change Counselling & Coaching.

Do I need a referral?

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No, Referrals are not essential. However if you are being referred by your GP a referral letter can be helpful but this must be done with your full consent.

What is the principle of counselling?

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Only you know what it is that hurts or troubles you, although it may be that the real reasons for your anguish are tucked away out of your immediate notice. I will listen impartially and without judging or setting conditions. The journey is one of self-discovery and the first step on it is learning to accept you completely, as I will do.

How will talking get anything done?

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It isn’t so much about talking as listening. We are all guilty, to a greater or lesser extent, of not listening to our true needs. We may suppress them out of fear, out of a sense of duty, or in an attempt to gain the acceptance of others – especially if our self-esteem is weak (or we do not value ourselves). My aim is to help you ‘get in touch’ with these needs and talking is one of the principal ways in which we will do this. It is not, however, the only form of therapy I use.