Personal cost of an unhappy marriage

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How could your life have changed so radically? What is the personal cost of an unhappy marriage? It wasn’t that long ago you were enjoying dreams of happily ever after. And somehow now, after such a beautiful time to together, you’re wondering about simply surviving an unhappy marriage. When you are surviving there is no pleasure or joy so and not a lot of physical intimacy. Somewhere between then and now you’ve lost the shared dreams along with the ones that were just yours. The love that once kept both of you bathed in feel-good hormones that made everything OK and helped … Read More

How to overcome being needy

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How to overcome being needy is a common theme in my counselling sessions.  Why are we needy and what does it look like? You may be always running to your partner for help? Perhaps you are constantly texting, messaging even if they are at work? Needing affection and attention from your partner? Need to be with your partner, what are they doing? If a text or call doesn’t come in, you worry and you think something is wrong. When you are needy it’s very unattractive and your partner will begin to pull away and in turn, can ruin your relationship/marriage.  When your … Read More

Home coming using meditation

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What do you get from meditation? An inner peace, a home coming to yourself, energy, contentment, centeredness, a grounding and I can go on and on......... You ask, how can meditation give me all of this? Meditation can be the heading and under it is self care, nurturing and stillness. If you give it time at least 4 to 8 weeks you will begin to feel the changes within yourself Meditation is the art of focusing all of your attention in one area. Mastering the skill of meditation takes time and requires practice. The benefits of meditation include: • Connecting to your … Read More

Living with limitless clarity

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We often talk about being accomplished and what we have achieved.   I believe its not the quantity and how much you have achieved but whether you have accomplished the right things, for you. Not for your mother, father, partner, but for you. Imagine spending years on the wrong things?   And yes, it happens for many of us where you are trying to please others. FACT: pleasing others doesn't work long term. It's essential that you live with clarity, your clarity and what makes your heart sing what makes you feel happy, peaceful contentment and feeling joy and balance. How do … Read More

7 Ways to Live with the Power of Change

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A lot of us do not cope with change and prefer to stay feeling comfortable however stagnant that may be. In time you can feel bored, resentful, agitated and procrastinate to name a few feelings when you avoid change. Here are 7 steps that will support you as you enter a New Year and allow change to become part of your life. 8 Good Reasons to Choose Power of Change Counselling & Coaching1. Counselling that really works2. No GP Referral Required3. Evening Sessions available4. Flexible Appointment times5. Peaceful and tranquil environment6. No busy waiting room7. Book by phone, email or text8. Discount … Read More

New Hypnotherapy Process in Australia

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Turning on the television or radio in the morning and your bombarded with the amount of trauma that is out there in the community and the world. Murders, car accidents, bullying, abuse are just everyday events. And every day I work with people who have experienced or witnessed all manners of stressful events and some of them from many years ago. They are suffering with anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, panic attacks, addiction, relationship issues to name a few and are wondering why they continue to have these symptoms even thou they may have had hours of therapy.    There is a direct … Read More


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Last night I was watching a show on the ABC about suicide and they were focussing on men. They talked about vulnerability and how difficult it is for some men to open up and share what’s happening in their inner world. And that takes me to this  article “Being Vulnerable” My take on being vulnerable is actually being able to be present, honest and fully embrace the experience of life. Being totally open not adjusting yourself to soften that response that you may receive from a partner, work colleague or a friend. Being totally authentic and true to yourself. What’s vulnerable you … Read More

The “burn out” I had to have

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Twice in 2 years suffering with burnout, wow!! Have you heard that saying keep doing the same thing you keep getting the same results?  And yes that is what I was doing, doing the same thing and not learning. What’s burnout you ask? Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive stress. In the counselling world I see it as compassion fatigue.  My business has boomed and this has put enormous pressure on me.  As the stress continued I was getting tireder and tireder, losing my mojo and illness was creeping in. To put icing on the … Read More

Holiday Wrecker

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Most of you would have heard of the freeze, fight or flight response. It’s an acute stress response which is out of your control because you have been triggered and your feeling unsafe.    I can use me as a specific example for this.  In my family I WAS known as the holiday wrecker.  For my entire adult life (apart from the last 5 years) every time I went on a holiday with my husband and 3 sons who are nearly all adults I would suffer with major anxiety.  For so many years I just didn’t get what was going on with … Read More

9 Ways to help find your purpose

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Tools: To Find your Purpose Ask the universe for guidance and direction Ask a higher self, God, Universal Truth, or something similar for guidance. Allow yourself to listen and be guided to find your purpose. Being open is important so that you can pick up on what the universe is telling you. Trust your intuition. It will help you see clearly where you are going and where you want to go (sometimes the two are different). Explore your interests, strengths and talents Pursue a hobby, join a volunteer group, or explore interests that you had as a child. Your entire life you … Read More