Hate or anger controlling your life?

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Do you keep all your feelings inside until you reach a point where you could explode?.  The slightest thing that didn’t warrant your reaction, but it was enough to tip you into behaving like a “crazy person”. Does this sound like you?  Are you carrying hate for someone who has done wrong by you? Some people repress their emotions as a way to cope. It is simpler to keep the emotions buried, rather than let them surface and be forced to experience them. It seems easier to live in your head and hide from the feelings. However, emotions build up, which is … Read More

8 Ways to increase your energy levels

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Are you tired of being tired? Sometimes we get on the treadmill of life and feel that we are just going round and round and getting tireder and tireder.  I work with people like this every day and sometimes you just have to stop and do something, doesn’t matter what that something is as long as it’s a movement forward in a direction that increases your energy levels. Change Routine: In life we are either procrastinating and stagnating or growing and learning.  Creating a new spring in your step is what keeps us in this game of life.  It can be as … Read More

You cannot hide from low self-worth

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Working as a counsellor self-worth is the crucial foundation that is needed for any improvement in self-esteem.  Self-worth is what you think of yourself; the picture you have of yourself. It is the foundation of your ability to believe in yourself and the doorway through which self-esteem is received. Without self-worth you will have doubts and fears about your actual existence on this planet. Any attempts to improve your self-esteem will be cancelled out and dreams, visions and accomplishments will be overthrown or annulled due to no self-worth. Activity: How You Value Yourself  Answer the following questions: Do you value yourself externally … Read More

January 2013 Newsletter

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The Year Ahead Live Your Best Life which I facilitate in partnership with Redland Centre for Women returns for 2013.  The first group for the year is fully booked so I will keep you updated on further dates. On March 9, 2013 The Redlands Centre for Women is having its fifth annual International Women's Day High Tea.  This is a fundraising event for them, as well as providing an opportunity to educate, empower and connect women from all walks of life.  Tickets are $50 per person and include high tea, a glass of champagne and a goody bag.  However a table of … Read More

December Newsletter

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The year is nearly over Power of Change wishes you and your family a relaxing Xmas break.  I hope you get time to just stop and be. To enjoy and feel gratitude for what you have in your life and to reflect on the year you have lived.  For some it’s been a year that they do not want to repeat. Reflecting on what has been is a great way to learn and grow. Xmas is a state of mind Xmas can be a very stressful time for people, a lot to do, spending a lot of money increased contact with family … Read More

September Newsletter

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Do you want to join “Live Your Best Life” workshop Develop your self esteem Change negative self-beliefs Be true to yourself Be your own best friend And you may make some new friends as well…….. Wednesday Workshop starting 10th October to 7th November A 5 week series from 9.30am to noon in Alexandra Hills. Bookings are essential with limited places left. Cost is $25.00 for the entire 5 weeks. To make a booking contact Katrina from Redlands Centre for Women.  Call 0413 295 799 and I will see you there.   Intimacy Problems Intimacy problems are a very common problem for couples … Read More

August Newsletter 2012

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“You are already a whole person” People come for counselling because they don’t feel quite whole. May I be so bold as to say you are already whole. Tapping into that is the key. Here’s some ideas that you can do at home Using • Music • Movement • Meditation • Art • Talk • Touch • Laughter • Silence • Stillness • Tears I very much work with the mind, body and soul. An example of balancing the mind body and soul Good food and simple exercise feed the body Good books and honest conversation feed the mind Prayer, music and … Read More

July Newsletter Are you time poor?

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I have been time poor these last few weeks and so has the clients I have been working with. A very common struggle and it dosen't have to be this way. For many people this is a way of life. Life is so busy and there isn’t a moment to stop and literally smell the flowers and perhaps read this newsletter. Like a juggler in a circus juggling many balls all at once. Trouble begins when a ball drops and then another and another. Doing so many things at once can begin to affect your self-esteem. Signs that you are time poor … Read More

Power of Change June Newsletter

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Time for an oil and grease change? Imagine if we didn’t look after our cars? If we didn’t maintain them and take them for regular tune ups. They would eventually not work as well and if left too long stop working. You would have to trade your car in for a new one. That is exactly what happens in relationships. Without regular care and attention relationships can get stale, boring and the communication begins to break down. Before you know it your wondering why you are with this person. What did you see in them as all you do now is argue … Read More

Power of Change April Newsletter

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Your Relationship with ...Yourself Did you know that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Are you loving and tender to yourself, full of support and encouragement for yourself? Listen to the voice inside and that will tell you your answer. Perhaps not, maybe some criticizing, negative thoughts and blame. Many people look outside themselves and blame others. As a counsellor its so comforting when a client is blaming there partner and then after some counselling sessions they are able to start looking at themselves. A great idea is to write down as many … Read More