What is the Greatest Challenge for Men Coming to Counselling?

By |2017-08-07T10:01:46+10:00September 1st, 2017|Counselling in the Redlands, Video|

Counselling can provide unique challenges for some men. Allowing yourself to feel emotions which you may have never allowed to the surface can be confronting. In this one minute video, Helen Harrison, discusses these challenges and tells us it's normal to feel this way.

Can Hypnotherapy Help Stress Anxiety and Depression?

By |2017-08-07T10:10:31+10:00August 4th, 2017|Hypnotherapy, Video|

Helen Harrison answers the question, “Can Hypnotherapy help people suffering with Stress, Anxiety and Depression?” This one minute video discusses how Hypnotherapy helps sufferers, by digging out past stressful events and letting them go. Helen explains how talking to the unconscious using hypnotherapy makes your symptoms disappear.