Do you honour and cherish yourself?  Is your life working at the moment? I believe that to honour oneself is absolutely paramount, because it is only through being your best that you can give your best.  It’s about loving yourself.  Balance in life  is extremely important and the key to my sense of balance is knowing that I need, deserve and should strive for

  • love
  • physical well being
  • financial abundance
  • emotional and spiritual balance
  • an understanding of my life’s mission and purpose
  • realization of my potential and the opportunity to inspire others to work towards theirs
  • continual growth through learning

I recognize these as needs, rather than desires, then I don’t feel guilty for pursuing them. And as basic needs, I simply must make time for them, no excuses.

Why have I written this blog.  Many clients come to me for counselling and coaching.  They do not put themselves first, they do not love themselves enough to feel this is important.  They are busy in there roles as parent, worker  etc but have no time for themselves.  Exercise, mediation, time with friends, eating wholesome food, pampering, sleep and there are more are ways to love and nurture yourself.  When you love yourself first you can then give back to others.