Our intuition reaches us in four ways: Through our emotions, body, mind and spirit. Most of the time it is conveyed to us through more than one area. We are all different and it’s for you to understand and love how your intuition works in you.

Emotions    For many of us intuition speaks through our feelings whether they be sadness, happiness, excitement, joy or dread. These emotions guide us when we really listen to them. It is important to allow your emotional intuition to spread through you. Sometimes you may be more in tune with your emotional intuition when you connect with nature, watch the sunrise or are near the ocean.

Body   Your body speaks to you all the time. You would have heard the expression ‘gut instinct’, which is about the physical signs that you receive from your body that are not available to the rational mind. For example, a churning in your stomach, feeling butterflies, experiencing heat or coldness, or skin tingling and goose bumps.Your body is the most exact barometer, the last line of defence, to let you know what is right or wrong for you if you haven’t recognized other intuitive signals. We often ignore what the body is telling us by treating the symptoms to make them go away. Make a vow with yourself to slow down and listen to your body, to connect with your true feelings and emotions.

Mind   Intuition works on a mental level. You may get an insight into something about which you have been pondering and it comes in the form of solutions and answers to problems. This creativity or inspiration bursts through in absolute clarity when you create space for the ideas to arise. There is no question that it is not right; you just know it is. It may happen when exercising, doing a pleasurable activity, during meditation or prayer, or while you are relaxing. It’s important to write down your ideas when they are flowing so that you don’t lose them.

Spirit    Guidance may also come from a higher source, your higher self, angels, God, guides or the universe. It may be given through dreams, synchronicity or meaningful coincidences and spiritual experiences. For example, simply knowing you have to turn right when you are going somewhere.

How does your intuition work in you?