We often talk about being accomplished and what we have achieved.   I believe its not the quantity and how much you have achieved but whether you have accomplished the right things, for you. Not for your mother, father, partner, but for you.

Imagine spending years on the wrong things?   And yes, it happens for many of us where you are trying to please others.

FACT: pleasing others doesn’t work long term.Man conquering mountain in the sunset

It’s essential that you live with clarity, your clarity and what makes your heart sing what makes you feel happy, peaceful contentment and feeling joy and balance.

How do you live with clarity?

You have a relationship with yourself.  A  Stillness, time to ask yourself what you really want and how you want to feel. So many of us get on the treadmill of life walking thru it, not present not mindful and feeling dull, low energy and sometimes numb.

It’s not difficult to live with clarity however it takes a commitment and a perseverance to push thru your avoidance strategies, let go of your baggage, uncover your limiting beliefs to get to what’s important to you.

Below are very simple and very important ways to find clarity of how you want to live:

  • The habit of taking time off, crucial to live with clarity.   Taking time off enables you to connect with yourself and ask yourself, am I happy?   If not, why not  It’s very easy to keep doing what your doing and to take no time to stop and be, its a form of avoidance.
  • Exercise: A slow walk around the block or a 10km run or a circuit at the gym.  Doesn’t matter what it is.  Benefits as you know when you have done it you feel good, motivated and great for mental health.
  • Mediation: number one way to find clarity and its so simple.  Shut the eyes down and follow your breath.  Practise, practise and more practice.
  • Yoga: Mind , body and soul and so very beneficial for finding clarity
  • Keeping a journal.  Writing down your life gives you a close relationship with you and so very supportive to find clarity.
  • Gratitude Journal: a great habit to have
  • Listening to music that moves you
  • Breaking down a challenge into bite size pieces
  • Celebrating your achievements and goals
  • Taking time to relax, to just be.
  • Thinking about the big picture
  • Knowing when to ask for help
  • Practising mindfulness daily
  • Taking a day off a week: Don’t do your regular work. Sleep in, bushwalk, socialise, read
  • Time to reflect daily
  • Time away every now and then: Get out of town and gain a new insight when you step out

Simple ways to find clarity yet so very important. Feeling disconnect can sometimes mean your energy is focused in areas that perhaps are not calling you.  Its your responsibility to find clarity and to have a spring in your step, you know your balanced and living your life with clarity.

If you find it difficult to stop, slow down relax and you have to be constantly doing then you may be living thru a limiting belief of feeling not good enough.  You are constantly doing because what ever you do is never enough.  Very common for a lot of people and changing the limiting belief is needed working with a therapist to do this.