Turning on the television or radio in the morning and your bombarded with the amount of trauma that is out there in the community and the world. Murders, car accidents, bullying, abuse are just everyday events. And every day I work with people who have experienced or witnessed all manners of stressful events and some of them from many years ago. They are suffering with anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, panic attacks, addiction, relationship issues to name a few and are wondering why they continue to have these symptoms even thou they may have had hours of therapy.   

There is a direct link with the stressful events that you have lived and the symptoms that are showing up.  Some examples of stressful events: (and there are hundreds)side-couple-trees

·         growing up with unemotional, unloving parents

·         alcoholic father

·         feeling like a black sheep

·         meant to be born a girl

·         domestic violence

·         bullying at school

·         being in a car accident

·         being cheated on

·         sexual abuse

This amazing process (TRTP) The Richards Trauma Process does not involve re-exposing you to the stressful event and does not involve slow bite pieces of change.  The current practices typically involve re-exposing clients to memories of the traumatic experience, effectively retraumatising them.

TRTP brings a significantly different approach to trauma treatment, to letting go of your stressful events, your baggage.  It uses hypnotherapy in all 3-sessions.

TRTP is an elegantly simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step process, which resolves even extreme trauma and trauma-related issues of PTSD, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias etc. It achieves
results quickly, effectively and safely –
generally in 3 sessions.

TRTP does not involve exposure or “challenges”; it uses hypnosis as a vehicle for clients to safely and comfortably “turn off” instinctive reactions to memories of distressing experiences.

I’m so happy with the results that are occurring for people and continue to happen and to see some verbal testimonials please look on my page


If this article is speaking to you and your wanting to do something about it, call, text or email a time to come and have a chat. Look forward to hearing from you because you do not need to continue to suffer.