What if the thinking around couples counselling could change?  Seeking Couples Counselling like your weekly PT workout.  I bet you don’t keep that a secret that you go to your PT?

Happy couple smiling at camera at the beach

Happy couple smiling at camera at the beach

There is such a shame, secrecy around seeing a couple’s therapist.  I’m so hoping in time that this will change.  We seek support for our physical and tell everyone as we are proud of it.  What about the emotional and mental.? For many people there is a fear in having couples counselling.  To visit a counsellor for some people is saying you have failed or there is something wrong with you.  That is so far from the truth and in some cases can destroy a relationship because what started off as a little disagreement can begin to have one resentment build then another and before you know it your feeling very disconnected from your partner. If you can resolve issues seeking counselling before they become too serious that is the key. 

Did you know that on average couples wait 6 years before they seek help, often suffering in silence?

 “Marriage is a team sport; you either win together or lose together”

Are you on the same team as your partner, are you working together or are you feeling isolation, disconnection, and loneliness.?

 Many Significant Issues for Couples include

Communication, Conflict Resolution, Partner Style & Habits, Financial Management
Leisure Activities, Affection & Sexuality, Family and Friends, Idealistic Distortion
Relationship Roles, Spiritual Beliefs, Relationship Dynamics, Couple and Family Map and Personality.

Making your relationship a priority and taking some time to work on growth areas can enhance and improve your relationship in so many ways.  Some examples can include strengthening communication skills, developing a more balanced relationship, resolving conflict, understanding, and appreciating personality differences to name a few.

Take for example personality differences.  Personality you cannot change, you were born that way.  This is a fun and fascinating process pointing out the different personalities and approaches to life.  A couple of major keys when dealing with personality differences include

  • Don’t try to change your partners personality, it doesn’t work
  • Remember the positive aspects of your partners personality
  • Be responsible for yourself, you cannot change your partner
  • How can you use your personality difference as a strength in your relationship?

Do you know your personality differences?  I feel it’s vital to know them so understanding and acceptance of each other occurs.

Working on your relationship is vital if you want a lasting happy, fulfilling connection. I have couples who just want a yearly tune up and come and spend some time working with me.  Others have an area in their relationship that needs attention, and some are in crises.

It doesn’t matter where you are at, letting go of the stigma around Couple Counselling and beginning to normalise what you are feeling and living with.  Taking ownership is the first point of call and once you do that and your open to change and the possibility of having a fabulous relationship where you are both heard and validated.