• Be happy
• Show up
• Follow your heart
• Find a new perspective
• Have a sense of wonder
• Find people you love
• Set goals
• Help others
• Dance
• Pamper yourself
• Face your fears
• Go to a museum
• Exercise
• Limit television
• Get in touch with nature
• Lighten up
• Get a good nights sleep
• Read books
• Buy yourself flowers
• Don’t compare yourself to others
• Don’t beat yourself up
• Be open to new ideas
• Don’t focus on negative thoughts
• Focus on creating what you deserve
• Make time to just have fun
• Keep the romance in your life
• Make a gratitude list
• Love your mother earth
• Want what you have
• Be true to yourself

What a wonderful list. Not a list I made but I so wholly support it. It’s from you youtube.
I suggest printing it and making a conscious choice to work at the list. Not all at once. Pick for example “Make a gratitude list” This is a powerful process as it brings to your attention how much you actually do have in your life. Have you heard that expression you don’t realize what you have until its gone. Why wait until it’s gone. Feel gratitude to be on this planet.

For me personally when my head hits the pillow I automatically start my gratitude list. I start from the inside out, literally. Beginning with myself, my happiness, contentment, my health, learning’s for the day and gratitude for me. Eg. For the pillow my head lies on, the bed I’m in, my husband who lies next to me, my children, the room I’m in, the house, and continue outward. This I feels works closely with “Want what you have”.

It is a tool/technique to change your mindset from one of taking things for granted, or complaining and feeling like a victim, to an empowering, happy one.

It is simply a diary you keep everyday, where you list things or people in your life to be grateful for. Recognizing Things to be Grateful For When you are in the Gratitude mindset, you will recognize lots of things to be grateful for.

These can include everyday things you take for granted (Examples – enjoying the sunshine, having a hot shower, sleeping in a comfortable bed, are all pleasures that most of us don’t appreciate anymore), as well as all the new ‘goodies’ you are attracting to yourself.

For those of you who perhaps have trouble with gratitude counselling may be of benefit. Sabotaging beliefs may be making it difficult for you to feel gratitude. With counselling and coaching we can together turn your sabotaging beliefs into successful beliefs.