Key 2 Quiet Time  and for some Creativity

Have you unlocked all of you?

Are you totally authentic and show the world all of you?

Are you living to your full potential in your life and work?

Do you want more energy, more fulfilling relationships; make more of your time?

Do you have dreams that just sit there and you will get to them one day?

Are you clear on your life’s purpose, mission and vision?

Quiet Time

It’s often the quiet times and times in nature that we gain the answers and insights to
our life’s questions.  This modern world is often frantic with no room to ponder and reflect. Some people actually
choose to go full out so they don’t have to be alone with themselves; they
don’t have to face themselves. Avoidance will eventually catch up with you one
way or another.

The answers are inside you so the more comfortable and at “one” you are the easier
your answers will rise.  Think back to a holiday you enjoyed where you relaxed and took it easy.  Did you see your life a lot clearer, did you
have increased awareness and draw the answers to you?

Of course we can’t be on a permanent holiday but we can create an environment where we
take time out for quiet time.  Pick a spot in your home; play your favourite music, light a candle and incense.  Get comfortable, give yourself permission to
stop and have quiet time.  If you prefer visit the beach, park, a view or favourite coffee shop, do whatever it takes to
tap into your thoughts.

Notice who you become when you give yourself permission to stop and have quiet time. Are
you less impatient, do you have increased awareness of your thoughts so decisions are easier?

Try it for 2 weeks and take notice of the changes within yourself.


Quiet time can also be a time where ideas for creativity can be born.  To tap into your creativity moments of space
are required.  If you’re constantly on the go you will not get the opportunity to feel this within you.  Making space to create this is so healthy for
your soul and it’s another step in “unlocking all of you”.

Creativity can include, painting, drawing, writing, sculpturing photography, scrapbooking,
poetry writing, jewellery making,  designing clothes, anything where you are
tapping into the creative part of you. Take notice how it makes you feel, that is the key.  The product you produce is the by-product of
the journey.  It’s being in the moment and totally immersed in what you are creating. Being at peace with one,
contentment.  The world around you doesn’t exist as what you are creating has your full attention.   Some people are lucky enough to turn their
creativity into a business and make money from it which would be very rewarding and satisfying.

I love to write and I can for hours and hours especially if we are on holiday. When I am
writing I’m totally present and in the moment.
I have no other obligations that I have to meet and I totally focus on
my writing. I’m at my happiest when I’m writing.  I’m tapping into me and all that is within
me.  I feel wholeness and I know it “unlocks all of me” A number of years ago I received the one and only letter
from my birth mother who wondered if I was creative as she was and her two other daughters are.  At that time I
couldn’t answer it as I hadn’t really put the energy into my writing.  I would dabble with journal writing but never
really took myself seriously.  As I unlocked me I discovered this part of me that required nurturing and with the
voice inside of me constantly reminding me I have to write I have continued. It
has been frustrating, time consuming and sometimes just plain ignoring but the
voice within me wouldn’t go away.  My perseverance has paid off because my writing gives me so much joy and purpose
that if I hadn’t unlocked me I wouldn’t be experiencing this.