Key 3 “Contacting a Professional”
You have made the decision you want to change and sometimes you need to find the right person to support you to do this. Professionals help you open your mind to what’s possible and support you to take steps to fulfill your potential and help you “unlock all of U”.
Making yourself accountable to someone will support you enormously. Any process of change will at some point bring to a point where you need to face certain thoughts or issues. Perhaps it’s an area you don’t want to look at but having a professional either a coach or counsellor will help you with your “growing pains”
Dawn Spinks has a book “Nothing changes if nothing changes” in relation to counselling and finding the right one. Well worth the purchase if you are new to counselling.
Talk to friends and family in case they know of a counsellor they can recommend. The internet, doctors, solicitors and local directories can all help you find a counsellor. Go to your first session and listen to your intuition and gut feeling on whether you have picked the right person. It may take a couple of sessions before you find the right person for you.
I have my own counselling practice and when people ring me I suggest they come and have a session to gage for them self’s whether they can work with me. I have the qualifications and am trained in various therapies which are required but it’s all about trust. You have to trust your therapists that they know what they are doing and are taking you in the right direction. Importantly you need to like them because if you like them you will then trust them with your inner world.
Your counsellor or life coach will be a constant reminder of who you want to be and what you want to achieve. They are like the beacon that will help you “unlock all of U”. You may let yourself down first before you let your counsellor or coach down. They have belief in you and hold that belief until you can hold it for yourself
Another professional to contact if you’re feeling low is your doctor. You may have depression and perhaps a check-up from your doctor would be helpful.
I found my counsellor through a referral from a friend and then checked her website and liked the look of her. I saw firsthand the changes that were occurring for my friend and was very impressed. She seemed happier, more content and accepting. I wanted a bit of what she had and had that in the back of my mind when I made the decision I was going to change. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I approached the counsellor’s house and thought to myself “I just have to do this.” “I cannot go on carrying around the emptiness and the loneliness and then pretend to people that I was okay.” Nerves were something I was not comfortable with and would do everything to avoid feeling nervous. Nerves meant change and I was not good with change. I felt this was a real turning point for me and a really big step. To actually keep going regardless of the nerves I was feeling and admit to another human being how sad I actually was, was a massive step.