Here are six ways I see Personal Growth Work all of them requiring some imagination to unlock your combination to “unlock u”. Pick one that speaks to you or make one up of your own to illustrate it. Have a visual of where you are going, what you are going to grow into in “unlocking all of u”
1. Growth work is like a snow ball that starts off small and gathers momentum as you continue to grow. Gets larger, faster and bigger the more growth work you do. Find a picture or paint one that illustrates this to you.
2. Louise Hayes “You Can Heal Your Life”. She describes growth work like going into your house, spring cleaning, doing a room at a time. There is no set room first, start with one and keep entering new rooms when you have completed the previous one. Perhaps map this out so you have a visual as a daily reminder.
3. Growth work is like an onion. Peel off the top layer and then the next, layer after layer until you get to your core.
4. Visualise a sunflower bud closed and small. With personal growth the bud opens petal by petal and eventually all out for the world to see. Each petal is part of you and your values, your life.
5. You’re in your own personal prison and you continue to try the different keys until you find the right key to unlock you. Everyone has a different combination.
6. Layer upon layer of baggage that you work thru to get to your truth to get to you.
The real value in “unlocking all of u” is the role it plays in inspiring you and empowering you to take action to unlock you. Once you start taking a few steps you will start to gather momentum. Stay in the heat, stay in feeling uncomfortable as it takes time to fully integrate all the elements of transformation and unlocking you. The more steps you take, the more you’ll find yourself “in the flow” and the sooner you’ll start enjoying the life you really want.
For many years I immersed myself into personal growth and still do today. I had unlocked a small part of me and I knew there was so much more to me and the more steps I did the more I gathered momentum. When I was in the thick of my stuff or my unlocking a knowing within me knew I had to keep going. I created a picture which I still have hanging in my bedroom. A snowball rolling down a hill, started small, gathering momentum and increased in size. In the same frame I have a picture of a sunflower and a bud. Ever since I was a little girl I have drawn sunflowers. The open petals are all out for the world to see and I see myself like that. Open for the world to see all of me and the petals symbolising my values including, integrity, connection, learning, fun, gratitude and acceptance.
The sunflower is particularly symbolic to me as I had never really shown my true self to anyone, including myself. Growing up I adjusted myself to fit into my environment. As an adoptee I did not have any mirror reflecting me back, no genetic markers. I just wanted to fit and belong so would constantly behave so I would be liked. I just didn’t feel important, felt like I didn’t belong, felt so different, no one looked like me, talked like me laughed like me and had curly hair like me. I had learnt to suppress what I was feeling. I just gulped down what I was feeling and found it difficult to understand my emotions and my behaviour. I lacked the communication skills to put into words what I was feeling. I lived my life seeking my parent’s approval, teachers, friends, and partner.
The sunflower gave me strength particularly when I was struggling with my emotions. The sunflower was the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning. It was there as a constant reminder of what I was going to grow into. Putting the intention out there, having the visual reminder gave me a lot of strength to continue and grow into the person I wanted to become.
All personal growth work takes times and persistence. A lot of the time it is not easy and certainly not comfortable. You may take three steps forward and one step back and just want to stop and give up. It’s vital that you have support around you especially in the early stages of growth.