As an adoptee I have asked this question of myself many thousands of times over the years. My birth parents didn’t want me so why am I here.
It’s taken four decades for me to answer that question. Who wanted me?
I so wanted me! This is AH HA sort of stuff which has really turned my life around and has helped me value my life more and to live my best life.
My life is so precious and I’m not wasting a second of it. Once I started listening to my heart and to my own insight my life starting changing. Your heart knows your true purpose, it keeps no secrets, and you just have to listen.

I’m a true believer that we are all on this planet for a reason and it’s our job to stop searching outside ourselves for the answers but to start a relationship on the inside.

How do I have a relationship with myself? Just start. No more excuses, procrastination, avoidance and what ever reasons are out there to actually stop and be with you.
I have clients who do not like being with themselves, why not? They will be with there thoughts and this scares them so they keep running.
Mediation, journal writing are two great ways to begin a relationship with yourself.
As a life coach I have clients who sit opposite me and question themselves, why am I on this planet? No one can tell you what you should be doing.
Some people are on a journey of self discovery as they have reached a point in there life where they want answers? Are you in that place, are you tired of busy doing and actually want to feel and discover what will make you truly happy.

I help people discover there purpose with coaching and this helps them be true to themselves, to remember what is real, to be creative, resilient and to live there best life. Often there is no thunder bolt which says this is your purpose; this is why you are on your planet. There are little signs and if you’re open you will feel and hear them. I feel the purpose of your life is to discover who you are. Is to meet yourself and to identify what you are made of and what you are made for. It’s such an exciting time as a coach when a client has this mindset. They are ready to work on themselves and I feel so privileged to do this with them.