“Return to Myself”                I left myself at birth when my birth mother left me.  I returned to myself forty years later

This book I am writing for anyone affected by abandonment and is trying to find wholeness and there place in the world. Will be completed by August 2012

I am writing this book to give adoptees hope. Hope that you will uncover your authentic self and find meaning and purpose for your life. You’re not alone in your quest for wholeness. I hope this book gives you some encouragement and support and you see a little bit of you in it.

I am writing this book as an easy to read novel so you may be more inclined to open it up and read it. I know there was a time I couldn’t fathom opening up a book on adoption as I found it just too confronting and sad. Filled with my own loss and feelings of abandonment I certainly didn’t need to read about it.

I’m writing this book to educate and motivate you to step into the darkness of your soul and begin feeling it.
No wound can heal unless it’s opened up. This takes courage and commitment and a no give up attitude.

You have a right to wholeness. You may have no genetic markers but this does not mean you cannot have a loving fulfilling life. You are worth it, you are meant to be here and there is a reason you are here. It’s your job to find that reason, no one else’s. Its no one else’s responsibility for you to find happiness, it’s totally up to you.

Find a therapist particularly one who understands adoption and someone you can trust and are comfortable with. It’s so important you like this person and you can connect with them as trust will begin to form.

With a great therapist you will start pealing back the layers and layers of defenses and all the ways you have adjusted yourself to fit in. Compare yourself to an onion, peeling back layer after layer of dysfunctional behaviors, feelings and thoughts. In time and it can take a while you will “return to yourself.”

I am writing this  book so you can begin to normalize the feelings you have. To read about my journey may inspire you to either start or continue your journey in discovering your inner self.

You will know you have returned to yourself as you will feel your life has meaning and purpose. You will feel empowered and can conquer any hurdle in your path. You will be clear on the reason for your being and why you are here.