Your peaceful place

Do you have a peaceful place, a place you can retreat to when you need time out?  A theme that is so common in my counselling practice is people are time poor, quite stressed and often very tired and run down.

The other day my husband said to me “you have left the element on the stove on, again”.  This is always a sign that I need to slow it down and get back into the present moment, sometimes I do not recognize it in myself.   My husband said to me “I know what your problem is” Inside I’m saying to myself, none of us have problems, just areas in our life that perhaps need balancing up.  He says “You have just so much going on in your head that you’re not present”.  And yes I totally agreed with him and knew it was time to take a step out and slow it down.

Anyway getting back to having a peaceful place in this modern fast paced 21 century we live in is absolutely vital for your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.   The key is to find what floats your boat.  I will share what floats mine however it may do nothing for you, so it’s vital you find yours.  Everyday connecting with nature is vital for my wellbeing.  This morning I was hanging out the washing and glanced up and saw a large eagle gliding above me.  I stopped and I connected with this eagle, and in that moment I felt gratitude, lighter, it was effortless and so freeing.

Life is very much about moments and having moments in a peaceful place.  Coochiemudlo Island is a tranquil place where I connect with the ocean and recharge myself, my mind, body and soul. Go down to the boat ramps on the weekend and have a look at the amount of people who have been out experiencing there peaceful place.  Fishing and connecting with nature, vital for inner peace and wellbeing.  Where is your peaceful place, where you nurture your mind body and soul?