Are you struggling with a significant loss in your life?

Power of Change Counselling & Coaching offers safe, supportive and confidential grief and loss counselling in Redlands City, Brisbane Face to Face or Online.

When someone we love dies; when a longed for and much anticipated event does not occur for example a job promotions, wedding or a pregnancy; when someone consciously leaves our lives through their own free will be it suicide, separation, divorce or abandonment the loss and the accompanying grief of the situation can be intense.

How we cope with loss in our lives largely depends on our coping strategies, our past experiences with loss, our perceptions and assumptions, where we are in our life stage, our individual beliefs, cultural background and even what other stressful events are occurring in our life at this given point in time.

If you are struggling with a significant loss in your life be it as the result of:

  • Abandonment
  • Changes to personal economic circumstances
  • Commenting a new business and leaving the security of a permanent job
  • Death of a parent, partner, child, loved one or pet
  • Developmental milestones i.e. Adolescence, Marriage, Pregnancy and Retirement
  • Diagnosis and prognosis of a chronic or terminal medical condition
  • Divorce and separation
  • Children leaving home, empty nest
  • Letting go of ideals, hopes and dreams
  • Job Loss
  • Retirement
  • Suicide
  • Misplacement or permanent removal of a treasured item
  • Physical and/or intellectual skills reduction due to accident or illness.

Schedule a counselling session and together let’s talk about what you are experiencing to help you understand what your going thru. You do not have to suffer alone or in silence.