Are you feeling…

stressed, angry, sad, confused, depressed or vulnerable? Individual face to face or online counselling in the Redlands can help with:

  • relationship and emotional issues whilst supporting you through testing times.
  • supporting you and helping you to unravel and understand your responses and reactions if you are feeling lonely and overwhelmed
  • being a catalyst for change,  helping you to adjust to or accept challenging circumstances.

Individual counselling can help with

  • Stress and burnout
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Relationship Issues
  • Work related emotional distress
  • Coping with ongoing illness and physical conditions
  • Enhancing a valued life
  • Major life changes
  • Anger
  • Communication issues
  • Self-esteem and confidence

What does individual counselling entail?

Individual counselling will help you to make sense of long-standing patterns of thinking and behaviour, increase your understanding, and confront destructive patterns, working towards beneficial change.

Individual counselling sometimes needs to explore the origins of a problem, rather than focus only on the symptoms. Individual counselling can identify deeply held, often unconscious, beliefs or attitudes that can impact on the issue, which is extremely beneficial.

What can I expect from Individual counselling?

What happens in individual counselling depends on the unique needs and strengths of each person seeking assistance. For this reason, each individual counselling experience is unique, just as every individual is unique.

How can I get the most out of individual counselling?

  • Attempt to clarify your goals, and/or what you hope to get out of the experience

  • Consider how you feel about the individual counselling relationship

  • Be an active participant

  • Focus on what is most important to you

  • Recognize and express feelings

  • Be patient with yourself

  • Ask questions

Individual face to face and online counselling provides

Individual counselling provides a sanctuary for you in times of challenge and change. It’s a safe place where you can share your experiences, thoughts and feelings with another professional human being who will not judge you.

Our aim is to provide safe, supportive and confidential counselling in a peaceful setting allowing you to explore who you have been, who you are and who you may want to be.

What can I hope to gain from individual counselling?

  • Faster Improvement – quicker results than struggling alone

  • Personal Growth – a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour

  • Get unstuck – an awareness of any repeating patterns or behaviours in your life

  • A shared perspective – feel validated and supported in your efforts

  • Be empowered – learn to manage your symptoms to avoid relapse

  • Structured healing – guidance towards your goals