Clients who may consider Online Counselling, Coaching  & Psychotherapy Sessions include: –

  • A busy parent with young children or active teenagers

  • A hard-working yet time poor professional or shift-worker

  • A married couple with young children

  • An individual unable to travel due to transport or mobility difficulties

  • An individual living or working in a regional, remote or isolated region of Australia

Power of Change Counselling & Coaching recognizes that it is not always easy for clients to attend traditional face to face counselling sessions at our practice; and therefore Power of Change implemented Online Counselling Services in January 2012 to fill a necessary service void.  Its been very successful and works well with couples as they are in the comfort of there own home.

Power of Change Counselling & Coaching perceives our Online Counselling Services to be a wonderful alternative to traditional face to face counselling sessions as it allows our clients to connect with a nationally accredited counselor who can not only listen to your thoughts, feelings and emotions but also observe your body language and thus gain an overall picture very quickly; all from the comfort of your own home or chosen location.

Do not struggle alone, help is at hand all you need is a reliable internet connection, a web camera and an openness.

How does Online Counselling, Coaching & Psychotherapy work?

Power of Change will send an email inviting you to join the session.  As simple as that.

How do I schedule an Online Counselling Session?

To Schedule an online consultations please call, text, email or go to Contact Us page and in the message section please state: –

  • Your first and last name
  • Your preferred consultation style – in this case “Online”
  • Your preferred appointment time and date
  • 50 words or less why you are seeking counselling

If I feel I cannot be of support for your issues or conditions, I will suggest an alternative or refer you to a professional who would be of better service to you.

Session and payment details

  • Payment is made in advance via electronic bank transfer.
  • I will send invoice and Confidential Client Form via email once an arranged time has been agreed on.
  • Payment needs to be received 2 days before the session and Confidential Client Form needs to be returned before commencement of counselling session.

Once payment is received and Confidential Client Form returned Online Counselling can begin.
At the agreed time you join the meeting from the email link.