Do You Want To Improve Your Marriage?

I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working in private practice as a Redlands marriage counsellor for the last 11 years.

This podcast is born out of a desire to empower as many individuals as I can to achieve fullfilment in their marriage.

I love podcasts and believe they are a great way to learn about yourself and your marriage. Each week I will talk about different topics from intimacy, communication, control, resentment, sex and so much more.

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Empowered Marriage

Podcast 1 Feeling emotional intimacy in your marriage

What is emotional intimacy: It’s when you see each other, and you feel each other. You share your inner worlds with each other and not hold back what you truly feel and think. Without emotional intimacy you’re not feeling connected, not feeling a closeness and this certainly will affect the quality and quantity of sex in your marriage.

Identifying the cause of the disconnect and owning it will help enormously. Being assertive and saying what you feel and think, building trust, prioritising quality time together, filling your own cup up are a few ways to start bringing in more emotional intimacy.

Trusting yourself, your own intuition, listening to your own heart space is where emotional intimacy begins. You cannot receive what you cannot give yourself.