Who is group coaching for?

Any women ready to do their life differently

Your life is great however you have a desire to understand yourself more deeply

You understand your past is stopping you from achieving your goals

You want to explore and feel more harmony and peace inside

I work with a small elite group of women who all want to change for the better and achieve great things. Working proactively and positively together you’ll learn to eliminate the unhelpful baggage, conditioning and patterns gathered over the years and advance with newfound vigour and enthusiasm.

What if you stop listening to your outer world and who the world defines you as and instead listened within. Listened to your intuition.

What if you began living and enjoying yourself now.

What if you began living with joy now, wholly now, right in this present moment.

We all have tragedy, turning points, trauma and their comes a time for us all to become our best friend. To look and feel within for your magic, your love, your encouragement, your trust, to heal and to believe in yourself. To keep your fire alive, enjoying you and enjoy your life.

To feel valuable, to feel worthy it’s not out there with the great house, job, car, bank balance, career and partner. It’s about supporting and encouraging yourself of your own worthiness. You deserve a life that is wonderful, based on who you are, not on what you achieve or have.

If this is speaking to you and you want to part of this amazing group of women, you will know. You will know it’s your turn to put you first, to claim you, to want you. To come home to you, the beautiful home within yourself.

“Reignite Me” Coaching for Self-Empowerment & Self Actualization

You get to bring your personal and work challengers into the group, and you develop and grow yourself, as we coach, grow, and learn together.

I created Group Coaching to offer coaching at a fraction of the normal price. Use the face-to-face groups wisdom to lead you to clarity and action.

Women’s Group Life Coaching Program Details
*8 spaces per Group Coaching Program
*7 Weeks Group Coaching Sessions 2 hours face to face
*Spaces are limited Book here to claim one of the spaces on this Group Coaching Program. 

“Reignite Me” Themes for the Program:
*Discover and value you and your life
*Manage your states of Emotional Intelligence
*Give yourself Permission with intention
*Make meaning of why you are here, what’s your calling
*Take ownership of your personal power and skills
*Share your greatness
*Integrate, consolidate, and align all of you

Benefits To Be Self Actualized & Self-Empowered:
*Accept yourself
*You understand what you need to be fulfilled in your life with balance
*You get enjoyment and satisfaction in the present moment
*You can find humour and particularly in your own mistakes
*You can maintain deep and meaningful relationships
*You have a strong sense of purpose which you work towards
*You enjoy silent time and can live autonomously

9 Benefits of Group Coaching:
1. Get Coaching with Me, Helen Harrison at a fraction of the normal rate.
2. Learn and grow together from yours and other experiences.
3. Same sex group coaching is a powerful and effective coaching technique as it promotes team, connection and belonging which promotes wellbeing & positivity.
4. Working towards Self-actualization and Individualization which results in a healthy empowered relationship with yourself.
5. Small intimate like-minded people who value growth like you.
6. Personal development practices between sessions.
7. Goal setting and accountability to the group.
8. Personal development exercises to practice between sessions.
9. Face to face group works creates a sense of belonging and community and accountability to the group.

About Helen Harrison
* 13 years in private practice 
* Individual Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Coaching & Psychotherapy
* Speaker, Author and host of the Empowered Marriage Podcast
* Facilitator for 6 years of Live Your Best Life at the Redlands Centre for Women.

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Investment for you
*7 Weeks Woman Group Coaching Sessions 2 hours face to face
*8 spaces per Group Coaching Program
Spaces are limited Book here to claim one of the spaces on this Group Coaching Program.

Keen to join our future Group Coaching Cycle?
Email: helen@helenharrison.com.au or helen@powerofchange.com.au 

to register interest for future start dates.