Full Esteem Ahead CoverI was adopted at birth and lived in a large multi-cultural family of 12 consisting of 7 different cultures.  I started to struggle in my teenage years, with my identity and belonging, low self-esteem and always needing people’s approval.

I thought if I found my biological mother I would find me. Over 20 years of searching and hoping that I was going to meet her I then recognised I would have to find myself without her.  I felt empty, isolated and like I wasn’t whole, it was just there and it never went away. It’s like I was carrying a big bolder of sadness around and it was getting very heavy.

True healing means confronting uncomfortable feelings, understanding what they are and most importantly, learning how to deal with them. I wanted to grow up as I was so tired of being a victim and feeling powerless.  I had reached a point where I wanted to take responsibility for myself and stop blaming others.

Reality is so much kinder.  I had no control over being adopted, no control over not meeting my biological family; it’s how I react to it.  Accepting my reality, my story, bringing my unconscious to consciousness and moving forward in my life with a vibrant flow living in the present moment with empowerment is what I chose. My life has been exactly how it was meant to be.  I have lessons to learn and being adopted is one of them.

I have returned home, to self, to my natural state, to my authentic self. I would not be who I am if I did not have my story, it has created my backbone and my courage to move on and be so much more than my story.

Full Esteem Ahead is what action steps I took, carriage by carriage to embrace my authentic self.  Removing the shackles I had around myself which prevented me from engaging and fully living in life. This book will show you how to have the courage to be you, and let life happily support you.